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Electrical Services in Tomball, Texas by Brotherlylove Electric

Tucked away in the charming community of Tomball, Texas, Brotherlylove Electric stands as a lighthouse of electrical knowledge and steadfast service. Addressing the eclectic electrical needs of Tomball’s cozy homes, bustling commercial centers, and robust industrial facilities, our commitment is unwavering:


  1. Residential: At the core of Tomball’s neighborhoods, our electrical services span from crucial maintenance to comprehensive installations, ensuring each home is enveloped in safety and convenience.
  2. Commercial: Fueling the commercial heart of Tomball, we deliver bespoke electrical solutions that are the cornerstone of flourishing businesses and public spaces.
  3. Building Automation Systems: Advance your Tomball property into the future with our sophisticated automation services, designed to optimize energy efficiency while enhancing comfort levels.
  4. Industrial: With a nuanced grasp of industrial electrical requirements, we provide Tomball’s industrial entities with meticulous attention to safety and operational continuity.
  5. Whole Home Generators: Secure your Tomball home against power interruptions with our reliable whole-home generator installations, offering peace of mind in uncertain times.
  6. 24/7 Emergency Service: Our vigilant team is always ready to respond to Tomball’s emergency electrical situations, ensuring swift and competent solutions to maintain stability and safety.


In Tomball, Brotherlylove Electric is dedicated to providing superior electrical services that resonate with the needs of every homeowner and business. It’s our goal to ensure the light of Tomball’s community never falters.

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24/7 Emergency Services in Tomball, Texas


In the heart of Tomball, Texas, when electrical disruptions occur, rest assured that Brotherlylove Electric is on standby. Our 24/7 emergency services reflect our deep commitment to the community, keeping Tomball powered and protected at all times.

Residential Electrical Services Houston

Brotherly Love Electric is a family-owned and operated business that has served the Tomball community for years. We provide quality electrical services for commercial, residential, and industrial customers. We also offer standby home generators to keep you safe and comfortable during power outages. Our team of friendly professional electricians is dedicated to providing you with the best possible service. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation!

Popular Electrical Services We Provide in Tomball, TX

Standby Generators

At Brotherlylove Electric we specialize in Whole Home Generators. We believe in providing the best equipment so you and your family have peace of mind. Be prepared when your neighborhood loses power, and let our generator back you up!

Panel Replacement

Is your home’s electrical panel old? An old electrical panel can cause malfunctions in your home’s electrical system. Upgrading or replacing the electrical panel would provide more power capacity, safety, and peace of mind. The expert staff at Brotherly Love Electric will respond promptly, arrive on time, and complete the job safely and correctly.

Light switch/plug installation

Houston electrician providing custom home wiring, new home wiring, panel upgrade/change out, whole home generator. No matter what your residential electrical need is you can count on us!

Building Automation Systems

At Brotherlylove Electric, we modernize your facility with building automation systems including HVAC, lighting, security, electrical, shading, and building access control. Brotherlylove is the right company for all your Building Automation Systems.


For commercial electrical services in the greater Houston metro area, Brotherly Love is a connection you can count on. We service houses of worship, retail properties, hospitals, and more! Contact us for a free estimate today!

LED Retrofit

Brotherlylove Electrical is licensed and insured and will handle all your electrical needs throughout Houston area including Spring, Tomball, and Cypress, Texas. Our commercial services include: Design build for construction, Interactive lighting systems, LED lighting retrofit and many more.

Why choose us?

  • Licensed Electricians
  • On-Time Work
  • Quality Assurance
  • 24/7 Emergency Services
  • Affordable Pricing
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