Whole Home Standby Generators

Don't get caught with no power during the HOT summer without a Whole Home Standby Generator!

Standby generator is a permanent source of backup electrical power. It is installed in your yard, like the outdoor portion of your HVAC unit. Whenever a power outage occurs, the whole home standby generator automatically turns on and begins supplying power to your home. Unlike a portable generator that runs on diesel, a whole home standby generator uses your home’s natural gas supply as a fuel source.

Whole home standby generators are available in a variety of wattage sizes, allowing you to select the model that will provide the power you need in an emergency. You can choose to power just certain appliances, a particular area or floor of your home, or everything in your entire home. This allows you to remain at home in comfort instead of needing to evacuate to a family member’s home or a hotel. With the steady, dependable current that the whole home standby generator produces, you can continue to use your electronic devices without needing to worry about damaging voltage spikes.

A picture of Whole Home Standby Generators with Brotherly Love Electric LLC
A Whole Home Standby Generator gives your home the
power it needs in case there is a blackout or storm
in the Houston area.
A picture of Whole Home Standby Generators with Brotherly Love Electric LLC
A picture of Whole Home Standby Generators with Brotherly Love Electric LLC
A picture of Whole Home Standby Generators with Brotherly Love Electric LLC

The Best Home Standby Generator

A constant supply of power allows you to have a normal lifestyle during a power outage. You can stay warm (or cool), enjoy a hot meal, have a cold drink, watch television, and sleep in comfort. A steady, reliable current lets you safely use and recharge electronic devices like computers, phones, and tablets—and continue working or studying at home. Your wifi won’t even go out when the power outage occurs.

Generators provides safety for people, pets, pipes, food, and medicine. You can maintain your home at a temperature that’s safe for everyone and everything in it. You can also run and recharge your medical devices. Your security system will also continue to function. And this will occur even if the power goes out while you are away from home.

Standby generator also saves you from the typical power outage inconveniences: hotel stays, ready-to-eat food, damage from burst pipes. It also saves you from the inconvenience of using a portable generator: finding diesel fuel, using extension cords, and going out in inclement weather to start, check, or refuel them.

What Size Generator Do Need to Get For My Home?

Generators are classified by how many kilowatts (kW) they produce. The size of generator you need is determined by how much power you require during a power outage.


  • If you just need lights and a few specific appliances such as a refrigerator, a television, and a microwave, you would need approximately 5kW.
  • For temperature control, a furnace or window A/C unit would add approximately 3kW, a 3-ton A/C system 5.5kW, a space heater 1.2kW, and a water heater 5kW.
  • For cooking and food storage, one burner of an electric range oven would add 2.5kW, an electric oven 5kW, a coffee maker .6kW, and a freezer .5kW. For laundry, a washing machine would add 1.5kW, while an electric dryer would add 6kW.
  • A computer would add .5kW to 2kW.


Brotherlylove Electric offers Briggs & Stratton standby generators in a variety of sizes, from 10kW on up. We can help you determine which generator would provide the power that your home or business needs during the next power outage. 

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A picture of Whole Home Standby Generators with Brotherly Love Electric LLC

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